• Ace Katango

    Ace Katango

    Single father and owner/operator of Katango Charters, a New Zealand rotodyne chartering company. Long-time comrade of Capt. Falcon.
  • Archimedes


    Also known as Max Blanke, a genius inventor and technician who has assisted many a heroic campaign.
  • Baby Allosaurus

    Baby Allosaurus

    Wayward time-traveller from "Terror of the Time Tyrant". Now returned safely home.
  • BioWeapon


    He who fights with monsters...
  • Captain Bullitt

    Captain Bullitt

    Head of the IDOPD Special Response Team
  • Captain Trevor Falcon

    Captain Trevor Falcon

    One of the Victory Seven, now a retired mentor and head of Falcon Industries.
  • Double Trouble

    Double Trouble

    Twins with electrical flight and lightning powers, very popular at airshows across the country. Corporate sponsored and employeed by a green energy company.
  • Ekon


    A construction worker exposed to strange chemicals, mutated into a six-armed powerhouse!
  • Firestorm


    Delights in fiery destruction, splits into multiple copies when attacked.
  • Hermes


    French-born speedster, the fastest man on Earth.
  • Lord Anubis

    Lord Anubis

    The God Upon the Mountain, the Guardian of the Utmost Gate, the Judge of Souls.
  • Neringa


    Part of Euroforce, Nerigna is capable of increasing her size immensely, with a proportionate growth in strength.
  • Nightspawn


    Defending the night with the power of light!
  • Obsidian


    Forms herself into a cloud of dark stone spheres which fly about, pummeling evildoers.
  • Phillip Danner, aka The Herald of a New Age

    Phillip Danner, aka The Herald of a New Age

    A scientist who has acheived the peak in human perfection through rigorous training and his own secret formula.
  • Quantum


    Chicago-based vigilante, prone to bizarre behavior shifts. Known telepath.
  • Quicksilver


    A silver-clad vigilante clad and armed in liquid silver, swift as her name implies.
  • Riptide


    Mostly active in the gulf region, Riptide is able to merge with and control water. Wanted for the sinking of several U.S. Navy vessels, but known to rescue boaters and animals.
  • Swanborg


    Japanese heroine of unknown origin. An advanced cyborg with a feather motif and a sonic attack.
  • The Lemurian

    The Lemurian

    Able to transmute matter, this Japanese heroine wears a full cloak and a silvered, demonic mask.
  • The Replicant

    The Replicant

    A robotic sentinel of justice, operating in the San Diego region. Capable, as the name implies, of replicating itself.
  • The Spider

    The Spider

    Six-armed protector of Seatttle, The Spider is personable, charming, and witty, and handsome, too.
  • The Surgeon

    The Surgeon

    Nefarious villian who performed unthinkable experiments on his victims, leaving them alive.
  • Tsunami


    Wanted by the U.S. Government for a crime he didn't commit. Able to merge with, and control, water. Actively pursued wherever he shows himself.